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Different thinking styles

March 21st, 2009 Comments off

A good lawyer friend and me drove to a petrol station to refill. my friend tried to open the car door, and it seemed to stuck. He kept trying for another 30 seconds and felt pretty pissed. Certainly, it happens first time. I then suggested him to low down the window a bit, and open the door again (since the car is convertable), and he got the car door opened by following the suggestion.
Everything was not ammusing so far, I went into the shop while my friend was refilling and cleaning up the front screen of the car. Here is the conversation between me and shopkeeper.

SK: Good day! What is the job of your friend.
Me: lawyer.
SK: You?
Me: Engineer.
SK: No wonder he couldn’t open the door of a nice car!
(I shocked and started to laugh)
SK pointed at my friend and he was wiping the front screen of the car.
SK: Look! Lawyer doesn’t know how to clean up front screen of a car! He wiped up to down instead of left-right, it leaves couples of verticle marks on your front screen instead of a horizontal one.
I started to laugh…. it is true, and I always do it form left to right since I know it is better even I won’t think of the reason.

Thoughts: That is true, as an engineer, we tends to think why a thing should work like X, for a lawyer, like my friend, he is trained to think a thing should always work like X since it should. Nothing wrong with both ways, but I do appreciate my engineering thinking style most of the monents. Engineers creates tools as tools, lawyer can use languages as tools. Right and software engineers can use computer languages as tools as well. Both are about creativity, but obviously in different ways :)

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